Review by Giovani Ingram

Viewing the struggles of someone who underwent the grueling and painful experiences of PTSD and its road to recovery makes me question the decency of human understanding as I feel respect for the author, I…

Review by Damien Frye

I’m attending a group as part of my therapy for my PTSD and every member told me to give this book a read as it explains that PTSD isn’t just a mental disorder its an…

Review by Mauricio Rhodes

This book helped my brother recover from his trauma that was caused by a motorcycle collision when he was still very young, as we went through the pages he slowly begun to recover, while I…

Review by Jon Fleming

After an accident, I was shunned and left to be treated by “specialists,” with little to no progress in my recuperation. This book gave me great insight into how another survivor dealt with the difficulties…

Review by Kirsten M

4/4 Stars

However, the author’s analysis has overtaken every fallacy on mental illness based on the analysis of the research. This book also mention ways of coping from different diagnoses that will benefit those are prejudice on mental health as well as for those are suffering from it. 

Review by Kennedy Cunningham

As a fellow survivor of a traumatic event, I can say that for the most part, I could relate to the author’s experiences as after the car crash I was alienated and left to be…

Review by Maryjane Grant

The book gave me some insights into the nature of PTSD and how many people have underestimated the true depths of its destructive effects on a person’s life, especially when the treatment of such cases…

Review by Reema Aydieh

3/4 Stars

The author doesn’t just tell us about her experience, she tracks back PTSD history, showing some theories and studies from James T. Webb, Irvin David Yalom, and Kazimierz Dąbrowski, and more well-known psychiatrists, psychologists, and philosophers to support her statements. It’s an educational read that helps you understand the struggle people with PTSD go through, what she went through. It also shines the light on secrets and cons few knew about, like the struggles anyone with PTSD goes through trying to keep their jobs, relationships, and interests.

Review by Joseph Karuru

4/4 Stars

This book is a great tool of enlightenment, guidance, counseling, and encouragement to both the carers and the PTSD patients. It will educate and improve these patients’ fortitude and resilience to transcend their mental fears and disorders and lead them towards a dramatic recuperation and healing process. I will also recommend the book as a challenger to the psychiatrists and mental disorder experts who may be inadvertently doing more harm than good through their treatment methods to these patients.

Review by Eugennetom-98

4/4 Stars

The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Fallacy is a self help book tailored to help the reader to know the fallacies that the world best doctors, (and to emphasize) doctors with Ph.Ds, masters and all sort of qualifications in medicine expose to people experiencing the traumatic stress disorder. The author of the book H. Nattanya Anderson gives solution to how one can heal himself or herself without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.