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> Chapter #  7.  Psychiatric Illness in Pilots

> Chapter #17.  Air Quality and Quantity

> Chapter #20.  Aircraft as Illness Incubators

Table of Contents


Chapter   1. Broken Wings

Chapter   2. Grounded with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Chapter   3. Aircrew and Cosmic Radiation

Chapter   4. Mid-air Turbulence

Chapter   5. Aircrew Interpersonal Relationships and the “Need-to-Know”

Chapter   6. Concept The Role of Cabin Personnel

Chapter   7. Psychiatric Illness in Pilots

Chapter   8. Flight Phobia in Aircrew

Chapter   9. Flying Etiquette and The Minimum Equipment List

Chapter 10. WCB and the Injured Worker

Chapter 11. Aircrew and Mid-Life Crisis

Chapter 12. The Nut House

Chapter 13. The Union and I

Chapter 14. The Hired Assassin

Chapter 15. Psychosomatic Illness

Chapter 16. Loss of Separation

Chapter 17. Air Rage, Air Quality and Quantity

Chapter 18. Circadian Rhythm Disturbance and Aircrew Duty Times

Chapter 19. The S.S. Universe Adventure

Chapter 20. Aircraft as Illness Incubators

Chapter 21. The Road to Recovery

Chapter 22. Alcohol and Pilots

Chapter 23. Aircrew Ailments

Chapter 24. Pilot Incapacitation and CRM Concept

Epilogue:    Mended Wings

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