Serving Evil

The PTSD & ADHD Fallacy (Book 2)

A lengthy thought-provoking journey into one woman’s experience and extensive research into PTSD.

“Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after, by a hair’s breath, escaping being blown out of the sky, 23 Workers Compensation Board and airline-employed psychiatrists and psychologists attempted to drive me into suicide. With the help of an Irish psychiatrist, I survived 10 years of that corporate traumatization. Many years later, when I discovered that genuine PTSD experiencers’ do not recover, when under the ‘care’ of mental health professionals, I decided to find out Why.” ~ Nattanya

H. Nattanya Andersen conducted a massive amount of research into PTSD and the shocking implications of sufferers following the path of blind acceptance in their desperate quest for relief from their condition.

Told from her personal perspective—a flight attendant who watched her plane blow up right before her eyes—Andersen recounts how the powers that be want to sweep you and your PTSD under the rug rather than do everything they can to assist you in reclaiming your life.