Press Release

June 2015

Press release

The Harvard School of Public Health has been commissioned by the Flight Attendants Medical Research Institute to study weather “Qigong” can improve the health of Flight Attendants who worked in a smoking environment more than 25 years ago…

Since Qigong is widely accepted to be a beneficial practice, what is the point of spending money on this study done by such a reputable institution?

Why not investigate the far more urgent lack of air and neurotoxic contaminants in the air aboard airplanes endangering the health and lives of all those who fly?

In response to Harvard’s ludicrous study, Nattanya H. Andersen, author of Broken Wings: A Flight Attendant’s Journey, has made available free of charge her meticulously researched chapters of the onboard Air Quality and Quantity, Aircraft as Illness Incubators and Psychiatric Illness in Pilots onto her website (here, on

Her efforts to improve the working and traveling conditions onboard aircraft by contacting the big players in the Aviation Industry and the Political Arena are also illustrated on her website.