Review by David Isaji

H. Nattanya Andersen Takes the reader through her long journey to PTSD recovery. She experienced several near-death experiences working as a North American Airways flight attendant. One of the major experiences being a Boeing 727 engine exploding five feet from her. This incident left him nursing invisible wounds. This was an eye-opener for Nattanya as she realized that no one in the company cared about her recovery. To them, a sick employee is a loss of the shareholder profit. Twenty-four mental health professionals were assigned to help her recover. Nearly all of them were working in the company’s interest. Only two had her best interest at heart.

The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Fallacy by H. Nattanya Andersen is a non-fictional book that helps the reader understand PTSD from the victim’s point of view. It elaborates on PTSD as a gift, what PTSD victims go through, how to reconstruct, and understand what the victims want and need for them to reconstruct. I got to learn new things by reading this book. For instance, the victim needs to cultivate Self-wholesomeness, consciousness, and wellness by adopting self-compassion, empathy, discipline, persistency, and a positive attitude in the recovery process.

Reading this book, I couldn’t help but get fascinated by how the author gave a different approach to healing PTSD. She goes against the notion, ‘doctor knows best’ and clearly states that, “The experts pretend to know about how to live with PTSD, but they are the blind leading the blind.” She also explains key terms and theories that help the reader understand more about PTSD. She does not fail to cite references that are aimed at provoking the reader to go the extra mile and do more research on them. Her healing process and survival story act as a guide and motivation for people living with PTSD.

This book is an excellent tool, and it helps PTSD victims understand that they are the only ones majorly responsible for their healing. This is because no one, not even the very best experts, will understand what they are going through except themselves. The knowledge acquired from this read is exceptional.

There is nothing I disliked about this book. It has a few grammatical errors, but this does not affect the reading experience. With that into consideration, I give it a rating of 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend it to anyone struggling with PTSD or anyone who has a loved one who has PTSD.

Review by Bits of Inkling

The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Fallacy is a three-part book written by H. Nattanya Andersen. The first installment talks about A Mental Health Industry Bonanza of Profit and Human Destruction. In her first book entitled ‘Broken Wings’, Andersen has shared her traumatic experience while working as a flight attendant at North American Airways (NorAm). One day, at 6000 feet altitude, the engine of Boeing 727 exploded five feet away from her. At that moment she knows that she would die together with the 144 passengers and 6 other crew members. But, it didn’t happen and they had escaped death. But then again, Andersen was never the same after that event as she started manifesting PTSD symptoms. During those years, she went through an existential crisis — overcome by the meaninglessness of life, isolation, and paralyzing fear.

Nattanya Andersen created this book to help the PTSD journeyers like her. And the controversial part is the uncovering of the dire state of these patients in the hands of the mental health practitioners — the people they’re supposed to depend on. Giving them a massive amount of pharmaceutical drugs which could destroy the brain and body, intensifies depression, and could create suicidal tendencies instead of healing. Through comprehensive research, she enumerated the inconsistencies in the test and procedures that the disorders analysts are using including the standardized psychometric test also known as Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventories (MMPI), Prolonged Exposure Therapy, Research Domain Criteria (RDoc), etc. For example, the MMPI which she had taken five times before doesn’t directly measure mental health problems, and worse, the test results can be easily manipulated. Her claims regarding these are based on her own experiences, existing studies, other people’s testimonies, and in-depth investigation.

Furthermore, Andersen has expressed her dismay at the fact that the mental health industry has only become profitable to pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists, but not favorable to mental health patients. Their aim for more scientific discoveries has consequently led more patients in the path of destruction. For the veterans, soldiers and other people who got PTSD in the line of work, disobedience in the current healing modalities means cutting off all financial support which could only pose an additional problem.

This book contains a truthful and straightforward account of someone who has suffered from PTSD for several years. No better person could explain what is going on in the mind of a PTSD sufferer than the one who’s experienced it first-hand. Andersen detailed the distressing condition of such an individual as if it’s a fight that can never be fought. Some might also change their view in the field of Psychiatry with her fearless exposé. In addition, Andersen shared the methods that greatly helped in her recovery. She studied reincarnation, karma, dharma, understanding the soul, etc. There’s a lot of interesting and thought-provoking discussions in terms of both science and spirituality. One good thing is that the terms and explanations are made easy for a non-medical person like me to understand.

What I like in this book is the sense of balance. This is not just about the issues and assumptions encircling PTSD treatment modalities. The author has included promising scientific studies and discoveries like Neurofeedback, brain imaging, and Atlas alignment. These topics are page-turners and have really caught my attention. The book is divided into 57 long chapters. Each chapter will indulge you with pieces of information you just heard for the first time. This is not a light read, but definitely helpful and educational. There’s nothing I dislike about it.

I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. The minus 1 point is due to typographical errors that I’ve found while reading. I will not rate it less than 3 because everything about it is an absolute eye-opener. It could bring hope and encouragement to the PTSD afflicted as well as to those who are going through depression.

Some portion of the book might be against the beliefs of other religions like the topics about reincarnation, karma, and dharma. There’s also an occasional profanity. Nonetheless, if you want a full understanding of PTSD, this book is recommended for the reason that it’s a first-hand account of a PTSD survivor. I also recommend this to the PTSD journeyers, to people who have a friend or loved ones going through the same thing and also, to the mental health practitioners.

Abp. Viganò on truth over fear: COVID-19, the vaccine, and the Great Reset

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has published another incredible article today …Abp. Viganò on truth over fear: COVID-19, the vaccine, and the Great Reset

This crisis serves to create the conditions necessary to make the Great Reset inevitable, that is, the transition from the world based on Greco-Roman civilization and Christianity to a world without a soul, without roots, without ideals. In practice, it is the passage from the Kingdom of Christ to the Kingdom of the Antichrist.

This Letter reflects in large measure the intervention I will be giving to attendees of the upcoming summit “Truth Over Fear: Covid-19, the Vaccine, and the Great Reset,” on April 30-May 1, 2021, organized by Patrick Coffin. This vital event features over 20 of the world’s top doctors, researchers, and attorneys, and will deliver a scientific and common sense approach to the pseudo-pandemic. All people have a right to informed consent. 

What we have learned so far about the pseudo-pandemic gives us the picture of a disturbing reality and of an even more disturbing criminal conspiracy hatched by misguided minds. This reality, however, is not taken into consideration by those who, hypnotized by media indoctrination, persist in considering a serious seasonal influenza as a pandemic scourge, known treatments as ineffective, and the so-called vaccines that are admittedly useless and harmful as nothing short of miraculous. 

The reputation of pharmaceutical companies

We know that the pharmaceutical giants – AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson – not only have not followed the ordinary protocols for drug testing, but they have a track record of a long history of condemnations for having previously caused grave damage to the population, distributing vaccines that have been revealed to cause disabling diseases.

Conflicts of interest

We know what macroscopic conflicts of interest exist between the pharmaceutical companies and the bodies responsible for their control: in many cases, employees of these companies have passed through the entities which must approve and authorize the use of drugs, and it is difficult to imagine that they – who often continue to have professional ties to Big Pharma – would have the freedom to make a fair and prudent assessment. Indeed, we have just seen recently with the case of AstraZeneca in Europe that the obvious harmfulness of the so-called vaccine – which has led some Nations to suspend its distribution – is not considered a sufficient reason by the EMA (European Medicines Agency) to prohibit its adoption. The recent findings about serious side effects have been designed to exclude the majority of cases and above all to deliberately ignore the causal relationship between inoculation with the vaccine and its short- or long-term side effects. 

Immunity for side effects

We know that, in defiance of any legal principle and the protection of the population, the pharmaceutical companies have demanded total immunity for damages that may arise to patients, who are asked to sign a release form along with their informed consent. Thus, along with the scandalous profits from the sale of the vaccines, the pharmaceutical multinationals guarantee their own impunity for a criminal operation, conducted with the complicity of international institutions and governments. 

Secrecy about the contractual clauses

We know that the contractual terms of the agreements made by nations and by the European Union with these pharmaceutical companies are inaccessible and secret: not even the parliamentarians and political representatives are allowed to see the clauses that they had to approve inside a sealed box. And we know that the same pharmaceutical companies not only are not taking any responsibility for the side effects, but they also declare that they do not even guarantee their effectiveness to provide immunity from the virus. 

The Chinese origin of the virus

We know that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was in all probability produced in a laboratory, with the complicity of the Chinese dictatorship. Since China is one of the main financiers of the WHO after the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, it has been able to prevent any investigation on the origin of the virus or the early stages of its spread. 

Complicity of health personnel

We know that every nation, with very few exceptions, immediately adopted the most absurd health protocols coming from the WHO, beginning with the unfortunate decision not to treat the sick at the onset of the first symptoms, and to subject them to deep ventilation once the flu syndrome degenerated into acute bilateral pneumonia. And this happened with the execrable complicity of health-care personnel – from doctors to hospital staff – provoking thousands of deaths not from COVID, as we are told by the mainstream media, but from incorrect treatment.

Delegitimization and boycott of available treatments

We also know about the furious campaign against the effectiveness of already-existing treatments, from the use of hyperimmune plasma to the use of drugs that many doctors, despite violating the health norms that have been imposed during these months, have deemed it their duty to administer to their patients, with success. And it is not difficult to understand that the low cost of treatments, the fact that many of them are not subject to patents, and above all their immediate effectiveness in treatment represent for pharmaceutical companies and their accomplices a more than sufficient reason to oppose and discredit them, even to the point of banning their use. 

A project planned for years

We know that in order to conduct this criminal operation – since we must speak of a crime against God and against humanity, not of a merely unfortunate fate – it was necessary to have years of planning, conducted systematically, in order to weaken national pandemic plans, drastically reduce the number of beds in hospitals and intensive care units, create a mass of blind, deaf, and dumb employees, no longer doctors, who placed their own safety in the workplace ahead of their duty to cure the sick. The Hippocratic oath was violated in the name of profit for the pharmaceutical companies and the pursuit of a social engineering project. 

Involvement of the health system

We know that in order to obtain the complicity of doctors and scientists, not only has recourse been made to the system of corruption and conflicts of interests that has existed for decades, but also to the distribution of prizes and cash bonuses. To give an example, in Italy a specialist doctor receives 60 euro per hour to administer vaccines in the vaccine centers; general practitioners are given incentives for every patient they have vaccinated; a bed in intensive care is paid about 3000 euros per day by the national health service. It is evident that neither general practitioners, nor hospital personnel, nor regional health agencies have any interest in depriving themselves of huge revenues, after public health has been demolished for the last decade in the name of cuts to waste imposed by the European Union. To give an idea, Italy has received 72 invitations from Brussels to close all the small hospitals that today, under the pretext of the pandemic, have been reopened and financed with funds that the EU allocates on loan with constraints and conditionalities that in other moments would have been judged unacceptable. Yet these hospitals worked well, making it possible to offer widespread service to citizens, and they were able to avoid the spread of disease.

The fundamental role of the media

We know that nations have granted funding to the media, as a contribution to information on COVID. In Italy the Giuseppe Conte Government allocated large amounts so that the national information system would give one aligned version of the pandemic, and it censored any voice of dissent. The dissemination of data on the infections and deaths has been grossly manipulated, suggesting that every person with a positive test result should be considered sick, even though the asymptomatic are not contagious – by the very admission of the WHO and the analogous bodies in the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. And alongside these government fundings, in many cases the conflict of interest with the pharmaceutical companies has also been able to interfere with the choices of broadcasters and newspapers, on the one hand because BigPharma represents one of the principal buyers of advertising space, and on the other hand because it is present on the board of directors of information companies. It is difficult to believe that the editor of a newspaper, even if persuaded that the pandemic is a fraud, would dare to go against the CEO or deprive the newspaper of the advertising profits from Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson.

Social media responsibility

We know that in addition to the complicity of the media, the infernal machine of social media, from Facebook to Twitter, from Google to YouTube, has mobilized a brazen and scandalous censorship operation, to the point of erasing the profiles of eminent scientists and established journalists, for the sole reason that they did not obey the diktats of the COVID narrative. Even in this case, it is not surprising to discover the economic and kinship relations existing between these colossal multinationals, which over time have become the owners of information and the arbiters of who has the right to free speech and who does not.

Cui prodest? – Who benefits?

We also know who the primary beneficiaries of the pandemic are, in economic terms: the usurers of the banks, who have the power to keep ideologically aligned companies afloat, and at the same time to make small businesses fail if they are an annoying obstacle to the establishment of the New World Order. These small companies, spread above all across the Old Continent and especially in Italy, constitute the social fabric and economic identity of many nations. Their widespread diffusion disturbs the multinationals of large distribution, from Amazon to JustEat, which during the period of lockdown have increased their profits in a scandalous way, to the detriment of normal commercial activities, because that book that we used to buy at the corner bookstore must now be ordered online, along with lunch, printer toner, and dishwasher detergent. This “new economy” imposed itself with arrogance in just a few weeks last year, thanks to the simultaneous closing of stores and the stay-at-home orders that were imposed on citizens. 


We know that the need to indoctrinate the young generations could not exclude scholastic and university instruction from this plan, which today is given via “distance learning” with very grave psychological consequences for children and young people. This operation today lays the foundations for ensuring that one day the teaching offered via the internet can be unified, deciding which teachers are allowed to give lessons and what they should say, and I will not be surprised if soon this aligned form of education soon includes an increasingly small number of teachers: one single history professor for all students of a nation, with a program that is narrowly defined and controlled. This is not a far-off reality, when every student is obliged to connect online and can no longer use a teacher at his own school, who has been forced into retirement or removed from teaching because he does not comply with the orders of power. Nor can we be surprised if the new teachers are holograms that elaborate algorithms, or disturbing artificial intelligences that indoctrinate millions of young people into gender theory, LGBT doctrine, and all of the moral aberrations that we have anticipated in recent years. 

The promoters of the pandemic

We know who are the theorists of the pandemic as the instrumentum regni, from

Bill Gates to George Soros, in a network of complicity of interests so vast and organized that any measure of opposition is practically impossible. Along with them, we find the most disturbing repertoire of so-called philanthropic organizations and lobbies of power, like the World Economic Forum with Klaus Schwab, the WHO and all of its national branches, the Trilateral Commission, the Bildeberg group, the Council for Inclusive Capitalism headed by Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild under the spiritual direction of Bergoglio and, more generally, the phalanx of multinationals, banks, and groups of power that belong to this dome of conspirators. Do not be surprised if, in perfect coherence with their plans, the sects and world Satanist movements also mobilize, beginning with the Church of Satan that exalts abortion as a propitiatory ritual for the end of the pandemic, exactly as BigPharma requires pseudo-vaccines produced with aborted fetuses. 

Subjugation of the Catholic Hierarchy

Finally, we know – and this is certainly the most shocking aspect – that part of the Catholic hierarchy is also present in this plan, which in Jorge Mario Bergoglio finds an obedient preacher of the pandemic narrative and the primary sponsor of the vaccines, who has not hesitated to define them as “a moral duty,” despite the very serious ethical and religious concerns which they raise. Bergoglio even went to the point of having himself interviewed by the Vaticanist Domenico Agasso, in a conversation contained in a book called Dio e il mondo che verrà, to recommend to the masses the administration of the gene serum and to furnish an authoritative and unfortunate endorsement of the ideology of globalism. And since March 2020, the Holy See has shown itself to be perfectly aligned with the globalist plan by ordering the closure of churches and the suspension of the celebration and administration of the Sacraments. If this had not really happened, and instead a strong condemnation of this antihuman and antichristic project had occurred, the highest levels of the Church would have had a difficult time accepting subjecting the multitudes to absurd limitations on their natural freedoms, in the name of not only an ideological enslavement but obviously also economic and social. 

Let’s not forget that, as a counterpart to the loss of the faithful in the churches and the resulting drastic reduction in the offerings for the bishops’ conferences, there must necessarily be an alternative form of financing that it will not take us long to discover. I think that neither communist China, nor de Rothschild, nor Bill and Melinda Gates (who, as I learned from an authoritative source, have opened an account at IOR, the Vatican Bank), nor the network of self-styled democratic parties – the international Left – obedient to globalist ideology, are foreign to this operation. On the other hand, the Great Reset envisages the establishment of a Universal Religion that is ecumenical, ecological and Malthusian, which sees in Bergoglio its natural leader, as was recently recognized by Masonry. The adoration of the pachamama in the Vatican, the Abu Dhabi agreement, the Encyclical Fratelli tutti and the upcoming sabbath of Astana all point in this direction, completing the inexorable dissolutive process of the Church that began with the Second Vatican Council.

If something does not work, it can be used for something else

It must be recognized that the apparent illogicality of what we see happening – the boycotting of preventative treatments, erroneous therapies, ineffective vaccines, lockdowns with no usefulness, the use of masks that are absolutely useless – makes perfect sense as soon as we understand that the declared purpose – defeating the alleged pandemic – is a lie, and that the real purpose is the planning of an economic, social, and religious crisis using an artfully provoked pseudo-pandemic as a tool. Only in this way can we understand that the simultaneity and univocity of the provisions adopted by various nations, the aligned narration of the media, and the behavior of political leaders. There is a single script under a single direction, which makes use of the collaboration and complicity of politicians and rulers, doctors and scientists, bishops and priests, journalists and intellectuals, actors and influencers, multinationals and bankers, public employees and speculators. Profits and gains are instrumental to this, because they purchase and assure the loyalty of subordinates, but this war – may we never forget this! – is an ideological and religious war.

Two opposite worlds

This crisis serves to create the conditions necessary to make the Great Reset inevitable, that is, the transition from the world based on Greco-Roman civilization and Christianity to a world without a soul, without roots, without ideals. In practice, it is the passage from the Kingdom of Christ to the Kingdom of the Antichrist, from a virtuous society that punishes evildoers to the impious and wicked society that punishes the good. That detestable idea of “equality” that was earlier instilled in us by freethinkers has now been used to equate good and evil, right and wrong, beautiful and ugly, under the pretext of recognizing freedom of expression; today it serves to promote evil, injustice, and what is wrong, and even make them obligatory, in order to delegitimize and prohibit goodness, justice, and beauty. Consistent with this vision, ecumenism too – which was initially introduced into the sacred enclosure by the Council under the pretext of bringing back heretics and schismatics – today shows its antichristic charge, incorporating all the false religions into a pantheon but proscribing the Apostolic Roman Catholic Religion, because it is the only true one and as such is irreconcilable with doctrinal error and moral deviation. We therefore ought to understand that, if we do not passively witness the changes underway and we do not allow the globalist ideology to be imposed on us in all of its most abject forms, we will soon be considered criminals, hostes publici because we are faithful to a jealous God who does not tolerate mixing with idols and prostitution. The deception of liberty, equality, and fraternity propagated by Masonry consists precisely in usurping the primacy of God to give it to Satan, with the apparent pretext – which is in any case erroneous and immoral – of placing God and Satan on the same level in such a way as to allow an alleged freedom of choice that morally does not exist. But the final purpose, the true and un-confessable one, is fundamentally theological, because the author of the rebellion is always the same, the eternally Defeated One. 

Nemo propheta in patria

Of course, what we see happening today before our eyes could have been understood and predicted for years, if we had only paid attention to what the theorizers of the Great Reset declared with impunity. In reality those who denounced this plan, which is currently underway, were called conspiracy theorists, ridiculed, or passed off as crazy, ostracized by mainstream information and criminalized, driven out of university professorships and the scientific community. Today we understand how far-sighted were the alarms that were raised, and how powerful is the organizational mechanism that has been put in place by our adversaries. In the name of freedom, we have become accustomed to seeing ourselves deprived of the right to speak and to think, and the effort to pathologize dissent in order to legitimize detention camps and to constrain movement based on the health passport is already taking place. 

Cognitive dissonance

Faced with reality, however, it is difficult to understand the reason for which the entire world population has allowed itself to be convinced of the existence of a pandemic virus that has yet to be isolated and that it has supinely accepted limitations to personal freedom that at other times would have led to revolution and barricades in the streets. Even more incomprehensible is not so much the absence of a true and proper social and political reaction, but the inability to see reality in all of its crude evidence. But this is due, as we know, to the scientific action of manipulation of the masses that inevitably led to the phenomenon that social psychology calls “cognitive dissonance,” that is, the tension or discomfort we feel in the face of two opposing and incompatible ideas. The psychologist and sociologist Leon Festinger has demonstrated that this discomfort leads us to elaborate these convictions in three ways, in order to reduce the psychological incongruence that dissonance determines: changing one’s attitude, changing the context, or changing one’s behavior. Ordinary people, unable to comprehend or even recognize any rationality in what the media obsessively says about COVID, accept the absurdity of an influenzal virus presented as being more devastating than ebola, because they do not want to accept that their political leaders are lying shamelessly, with the goal of obtaining the social, economic, moral and religious destruction of a world that someone has decided to cancel. They do not know how to accept that the lie can be passed off as truth, that doctors are not curing and indeed are killing their patients, that civil authorities are not intervening to stop crimes and blatant violations, that politicians are all obeying a faceless lobby, that Bergoglio wants to demolish the Church of Christ to replace it with an infernal Masonic parody. Thus, out of this desire to not accept the deception and thus to not want to take a position against it and against those who promote it, they take refuge in the convenient mainstream narrative, suspending judgment and letting others tell them what to think, even if it is irrational and contradictory. Billions of people have voluntarily made themselves slaves, sacrificial victims to the globalist Moloch, allowing themselves to be persuaded of the inevitability of such a surreal and absurd situation. Or better still: the absurdity of what we see and what is told us seems to give greater strength to the reasons of those who, after two hundred years of revolution in the name of a supposed liberty, accept tyranny as a normal fact and go up to the gallows with the resignation of those who are convinced, after all, that they are guilty in some way.

No less dismay is aroused by the behavior of those who, in contempt of any scientific evidence, think they can resolve this crisis by deploring the inefficiency in the distribution of vaccines, or remedy the damages of the lockdown by guaranteeing subsidies to companies and workers. In short, they would like to choose whether to be executed by hanging or the guillotine, without making any objections to the legitimacy of the sentence. And they immediately get upset as soon as anyone formulates objections, accusing them of conspiracy theories or denial, proclaiming that they are in favor of vaccines and giving attestations of loyalty to the dominant ideology. And they do not realize that precisely in allocating subsidies to companies damaged by the lockdown they legitimize the universal income theorized by the Great Reset and that is also strongly desired by the Vatican; they do not realize that there cannot be a vaccine for a mutant virus, and that the antigen that would guarantee immunity from a seasonal flu cannot exist as long as the virus has not been isolated rather than merely sequenced. They remind us of those who, in the Catholic sphere, deplore Bergoglio’s doctrinal and moral drifts, without understanding that they are in perfect coherence with the ideological foundations of the Council. Here too, as we see, rationality is canceled out in order to make room for “cognitive dissonance” and accept the absurd.

Man is not a robot

There is, however, an element that the conspirators have not taken into account: human weakness on the one hand, and the power of God on the other. Human weakness will make some of the accomplices in this conspiracy not be completely obedient to the orders they have been given, or they will think that they can gain personal advantage from the pseudo-pandemic by exposing cheating and corruption; some will think first of their own interest, others will impose the obligation of the vaccine on anyone, but they will have some scruples when it comes to vaccinating their own child or their elderly parent; some will fear that pandemic farce may somehow involve them in the scandal, and they will begin to confess and to talk; others will be used and then brutally cast aside, and this will arouse in them the desire for revenge and will lead them to reveal the background of the plan. A little bit at a time, this clay-footed colossus will collapse, inexorably, on its own lies and its own crimes. 

A salutary warning

On the other hand, there is the power of God. Some of us, at the beginning, believed that the pandemic was real, and, with a supernatural spirit, thought that it was in some way a divine punishment for the grave sins of individuals and nations: they called for acts of reparation and prayers to ask God for the end of the plague. In the face of the evidence that there is no pandemic and that the deaths were deliberately caused to exaggerate the effects on the population, we must consider COVID as a scourge, not in itself, but for all that it has revealed: the plan of Satan for the establishment of the New World Order, which is meant to lead to the reign of the Antichrist. The Lord shows us, with the severity of a father, that He still wants to admonish His children and misled humanity about the consequences of sin. He shows us what world awaits us if we will not know how to convert, abandoning the way of perdition and returning to Him, to obedience to His holy Law, and to the life of grace. 

The response of Catholics

But in order for the nations to return to God, their members must already belong to Him. In order for Christ to be King of the nations, He must first reign in our souls, our families, and our communities, and He must reign above all in the Holy Church, over His Ministers, over the Pope and over the bishops. As long as the living and true God is outraged by being placed alongside idols and demons, we cannot hope that Divine Mercy will put an end to this scourge and defeat the enemy.

May this period of preparation for Holy Easter be a time of holy purpose for all of us: in penance, fasting, and sacrifice we must come to the foot of the Cross and contemplate in the Passion of Our Savior his act of victory over the Evil One. By having the Redeemer crucified on the wood of the Cross, Satan marked his own defeat, which still must be made definitive at the end of time but is most certain and inexorable. 

Let us return to God! Let us return to the Faith, pure and entire, without compromises with the mentality of the world. Let us return to Christian morality, to holiness of life, and to purity of customs. The number of the righteous will restrain the right hand of the Almighty and permit the Church to face the Calvary of her final persecution with the same dignity with which Her Head preceded her, because the Cross is the royal road that leads to the glory of the Resurrection. The broad and comfortable way is the one we see today, and unfortunately we know very well where it leads. May the powerful protection of the Most Holy Virgin, Our Lady and Queen, assist us in these epochal moments: may she be our general in this spiritual combat, along with Saint Michael the Archangel and the entire celestial court. 

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop 

March 25, 2021

In Annuntiatione Beatae Mariae Virginis

Review by Karina Holosko

2342 pages of impeccable research. If you are in the healing arts this is a must. A controversial premise.

Written by H. Nattanya Andersen, this is a comprehensive book, 2342 pages of impeccable research on PSTD. It is the first installment of three in the series. If you are in the healing arts, psychology, social work, psychology, etc., you need to have this book in your collection.

For her thesis, Andersen writes that PSTD “can be healed by becoming our own shepherd by turning into a philosopher who searches for knowledge to heal ourselves.”

She dares to speak truth to power, which is at odds with our healthcare community in the USA, which has built an economy around

Andersen, also the writer of “Broken Wings a Flight Attendants Journey into PSTD,” is a survivor of PSTD and a force to be reckoned with. Not afraid of controversy, Andersen calls out the mainstream view of PSTD as part of “a mental health industry bonanza of profit and human destruction.” I would not be surprised if this is a PhD. dissertation. It should be.

Andersen’s PSTD started in the late ’80s when an engine of a Boeing 727 exploded near her head and almost crashed. After that, there were other incidents until she broke down under the debilitating pressure of PSTD. Andersen fought the airline business’s corporate world and the WCB for years, merely asking for fair and just treatment. She faced adversity and discrimination and been the target of internal corporate games to get her fired. However, I don’t think they had any idea who they were dealing with. This woman is courageous, not only academically but also emotionally, and she’s not afraid to say so.

“Do I really want those blood-seeking vulture to destroy me?” (Meaning the corporate world). Or, do I want to explore and see what I can do to help myself?

Andersen picks the latter, and her idea of helping herself is about exploring the world to find help herself, no matter how conservative or esoteric.

Andersen, she takes us on a unique journey starting with Greek Philosophy. She sorts through years of academic papers on experiments with traditional treatment methods, both pharmaceutical and psychological, to the present. But she also explores the non-traditional arts ESP, reincarnation, meditation, yoga, Buddhism, and Christianity. Her curiosity is endless with chapters like; “The Nut House, “Pre-Sensory Intuition & the Rise of Psychology, Evaluating MMPI scores, Karma Vs. Dharma: Ignorance Vs. Knowledge, The Truth about DSM-5 Diagnoses PE, CPT, WET, EMDT, Stress Inoculation (SIT) Hypothesis.

If you’re in the industry, this book is a must. If you’re curious and intellectually inclined, consider. If you want to look smart, it’s a good one to have on your bookshelf!

Karina Holosko

Review by Online Book Club

I loved the simplicity of this book. There were no obscure medical terms. The author’s first-hand experience gives this book a touch of originality. I observed that the author’s favored modes of treatment might be viewed as unconventional. But then, we all have a right to our views. However, tapping from my previous knowledge on PTSD, I found much of her sentiments agreeable.

Online Book Club

Review by Nme soma

The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Fallacy by Nattanya Andersen uses metaphysical ideas to portray a new, and presumably better, way to cure PTSD without established means put forth by psychiatrists and the likes. This book is certainly a deep dive into the subject of metaphysics and all its branches and applications.

The book touches on medicine, physical and spiritual well-being. The different topics discussed in the book range from the study that different metals have different influences on our well-being to comorbidity. And for some of us who might not know what the word Comorbidity means, it’s a term used to describe the situation when more than one disease or disorder co-occur with each other. I originally did not know what comorbidity meant, and I was glad the author was always explaining complex terms so that every reader would understand it and easily follow along without scrambling to check a word out.

It also explores death and the mystery of the after-life. It cites different sources whilst talking on this subject, both fiction and non-fiction, ancient and modern texts. I was especially interested in the topic that intuition is a gift bordering on psychic abilities.

The book tells how the writer had a traumatic event happen to her at work. But the PTSD caused from the experience did not become apparent immediately and was further escalated when she happily went back to work ten months later. Unfortunately her employers felt she was no longer suited for the job and were getting ready to fire her. But as they couldn’t fire her, according to the law, they decided to put her through a lot of stress. It continued for some time and the PTSD kicked in sufficiently. The book details her journey to finding the right means to heal herself, understanding her purpose, rationalizing her unusual experiences, and maintaining a healthy state of mind and body.

My favorite moment in the book was when she wrote, “I quickly recognized that there is no one in the world better equipped than me to be my own best psychic. Therefore, everyone else in the world is their best psychic, too.”

I really learnt much from the book and while I may doubt, and at times laugh off, some of the more wonderful aspects of the study, knowing the existence of these things (especially with the knowledge that there are certain people who believe in it) makes it very educational. For example I am a huge skeptic on the claim that someone can know everything about a person just by touching anything they’ve worn at some time or other in their life. But I was not so entirely disbelieving when she put forward the idea that the jewelry or metal we wear influences how we think and react.

I don’t think I can give this book anything but 4 out of 4 stars. It certainly helped me understand anxiety and mood disorders more. The book was professionally edited and I could detect no errors in it. I would say that the book is exceptional, even though I do not believe all that I have read in the book.

Anyone looking to expand their knowledge or simply take a peek into the subject of using metaphysics to heal one’s self should definitely get this book.

Review by Leroy TS

The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Fallacy : A Mental Health Bonanza of Profit and Human Destruction is the first in the trilogy authored by H. Nattanya Andersen. It’s a detailed composition of her personal experiences and from the works cited throughout the book.

H. Nattanya was a flight attendant who survived a mid air explosion from a Boeing 727 engine. Having witnessed a traumatizing event, she was diagnosed of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This had been her motivation to pen everything down as a means to recovery. Her book has details to the reader all the means and factors to her recovery, ranging from medications to the non medical treatments like meditation and reflection. Noting that all these were very instrumental in her recovery.

This book may appear controversial, but quit eye opening and interesting. The opinions expressed by the author are quit brain storming. She strongly tries to convince the reader that the Post traumatic stress disorder diagnosis, treatment together with other medical therapies are exaggerated and overrated. This is further explained by the fact that the PTSD victims having been exposed to these treatment or recovery process, develop long term injuries or rather choose to terminate their lives, while the health practitioners continue to make large profits.

It’s incredible to mention that her opinions are backed up with many other cited authors. this has greatly substantiated her work. Their object were to unveil the what in their opinion is an error how PTSD is handled from onset to recovery. Further the author exposes complementary and interactive health approaches for PTSD which she deem quit efficacious.

I liked the fact that this book is very insightful. The author kept mentioning that the PTSD is an existential crisis rather than a mental health disorder. I also liked the right use of language and first person narrative that has been used in expressing her opinions.

I did not like the fact that the book has some errors. The citations are not done in an orderly and neat manner. It had no grammatical errors, therefore it means that it was professionally well edited. It had no use of profanity, neither did I come across any violent scenes.

I would therefore rate it at 3 out of 4 stars . In my opinion this book is highly recommended to those who love or are interested in psychology and mental health issues. Other these it would be quit ambiguous for your understanding.

Review by Sithmi

The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Fallacy is a non-fiction written by H. Nattanya Andersen. The book is written in first-person narration. This is about a first-hand experience of a Flight Attendant of North American Airways (NorArm), who was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. An engine explosion five feet away from her, and promising death for 144 passengers, was the main reason for her to get diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her story of how she survived with the psychological treatments, is described in the book. The book is a research study about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

By reading the book, the readers can learn many facts and information related to Psychology and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Even this book has a separate page of bibliography at the end, that contains the resources the writer has referred to when writing the book. The book is a research and a theoretical approach in all aspects, psychologically, biologically, genetically, socially, religiously, etc. “Kazimierz Dabrwoski (1902 – 1980) a Polish psychologist and physician, developed the theory of Positive Disintegration.” (Chapter. 1). Information about many psychologists and psychiatrists are mentioned in the book. H. Nattanya Andersen has written about Death, reincarnation, Soul, Karma and Dharma. But the writer is not biased to any specific religion and therefore, anybody from any religion could read the book. Further, the writer has used separate bullets to mention the important facts, to make it easy for readers. The book is well structured. This could help readers to overcome distress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

As for naming negatives, H. Nattanya Andersen has used many abbreviations, such as PTSD, MMPI, WCB, they are expanded only once and sometimes the readers could forget the meanings. The story consists of names of psychological findings, which would sometimes be complex for some of the readers, who are not familiar with psychological studies.

This is very interesting, and the readers can learn many facts about psychology, mental disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, psychologists and their teachings. The book is exceptionally well edited. Considering the above mentioned negatives, I rate The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Fallacy by H. Nattanya Andersen 3 out of 4 stars.

I highly recommend The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Fallacy by H. Nattanya Andersen to researchers and professionals who are in the field of psychology and who are interested studying psychology, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Especially, I encourage the psychology enthusiasts to read this book. Also, if you are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or distress, I recommend you to read this book and it will help you to overcome.

Review by Sampson

“Healing Your Self Yourself” is something that stuck with me as I read this non-fiction book by H. Nattanya Andersen. The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Fallacy was something I was hesitant to read, but I was not disappointed with picking it up. I learnt a lot from it.

After a Boeing 727 engine exploded five feet away from her at 6000 feet altitude, she had to tend to the trauma it left behind. This book is a journey of how she battled PTSD using methods that one wouldn’t usually use. Though a lot of research has been conducted by psychologists, psychiatrists, and experts, there is still no perfect solution. This book shows what her experience of PTSD was, and she tells us about many medical advancements that may or may not work. Though this book is not a guide for proper treatment, many people could find themselves relating to the author. PTSD is a long hard battle, and it’s good to know that one is not alone.

My favourite part of the book was how the author tackled the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory), a standardized psychometric test of adult personality and psychopathology. She even talked about the results and how they are interpreted. There might be backlash from the medical side of things, but I like how she exposed the methods that seemed like frauds to her.

There is nothing I dislike about this work. It is well-written and detailed, providing vast knowledge and experience relating to PTSD and even depression. She also talked about the jobs that lead to PTSD. She mentioned Karma and Dharma, and as an Indian, I truly appreciate the way she has written the chapter. Andersen has her facts down. She has tackled many topics that one would normally avoid. I applaud her for that. I also appreciate how she showed the horrors of PTSD without sugar-coating anything. The reality of her writing stuck with me. Our mind is powerful and has the power to heal itself. This journey that the author shared is touching and inspiring.

I did not find any errors, and there are a few swear words but none that are profane. I would recommend this book to anyone struggling with PTSD because this book might help someone get through trying times.

I would rate The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Fallacy 4 out of 4 stars. The work is too good and hence why I gave it a full rating.