Review by Estan Lypido

Most people believe that there is no straight line for emotions. Despair and grief, as well as positive emotions like happiness and contentment, are prevalent and can be experienced at any time by almost everyone. In contrast, PTSD can cause an uncommon and long-lasting personal crisis in which the good times are either non-existent or few and far between. Nattanya understands because she was diagnosed with this disorder following a severe accident. In what ways, from H. Nattanya Andersen, will this book provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of this disorder? Learn all you can from this influential author, and if you’re interested in learning more about this critical problem, pick up a copy of this book now! 
In this book, the author tells her own narrative of overcoming various challenges. As a PTSD survivor, it’s evident that her purpose was to inspire those who are dealing with the same issues and challenges she is. She taught us, via her own story, how difficult life can be, how important mental health is, and how we should all have the strength of character to overcome these obstacles. The author’s writing style is consistent, and this book is filled with motivational aphorisms, helpful hints, and positive messages. To top it off, she incorporates a wide range of concepts and expressions in this book, which I value the most. 
Nattanya’s argument that the PTSD treatments supplied by the mental health specialists are inadequate bothers me the most in this book. Her negative encounter with her doctors was based on her personal experiences. I can state that doctors are diverse and treat their patients differently. She even emphasised that the only one who can help us is herself. Even if it’s acceptable in some cases, we can’t just write off the work of any doctor who spends their health and time-saving lives.
In my opinion, the lessons and tips it impart are ones that we can all learn from. Like me, you’re bound to have a lot of breakthroughs after finishing the book. Furthermore, the author’s ability to connect with her readers emotionally further enhances my adoration for this work. Therefore, I am rating this book 3 out of 4 stars. There were just more than ten errors in this book that prevented me from awarding it a perfect four stars. 
For those struggling to cope with PTSD, The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Fallacy might serve as a helpful book for you. I recommend this book to people who have been through a lot in their lives and are still trying to get through their own problems.