Review by Eugennetom-98

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is one of the mental health disorders that has caused many deaths around the world, but, again the doctors have also ignored it by not handling patients battling this disorder professionally and instead the quest for money has led in the front while they mask themselves on what they say is help when handling PTSD experience rs. They have come up with a lot of fallacies in it.There are four groups of people who are prone to this disease namely; police officers, soldiers, military and the aircrews.

The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Fallacy is a self help book tailored to help the reader to know the fallacies that the world best doctors, (and to emphasize) doctors with Ph.Ds, masters and all sort of qualifications in medicine expose to people experiencing the traumatic stress disorder. The author of the book H. Nattanya Anderson gives solution to how one can heal himself or herself without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Author H. Nattanya Anderson is writing from experience. Before the PTSD experience she was an aircrew only after the experience of the event that thing started changing on her. She narrates how she visited many hospitals hoping that she could get some help but all were just to kill her . She talks of the drug that she was given that instead of healing her worsened her condition. The determination that she had on knowing about PTSD made her to escape untimely death that was before her.

The author also goes further to explain deeply why PTSD experience rs can not get quality care, instead trials and errors are done on them like they are animals as they believe human beings are, this makes them loose the lives of intelligent citizen as she says because the intelligent and the physically strong are the most affected by this disease.

The book teaches the readers on ways to get out of the situation safely. It speaks of the powers that be (as stated by the author) that should be helping these people to get quality care doing the opposite. The likes of WCB (Workers Compensation Board ) which should be of great importance are used to put the experience rs down just for the gain of money.

There are a lot to like in this book: however, there are also few noticeable negatives. There are handful typographical and grammatical errors spotted while i was reading this book. I am confirming that the book was professionally edited. the errors i encountered were non- destructive. The book had some repetition of some points in the same chapter which may be annoying to some readers but of course to me i never had problems with them. It had an instance of sexual languages that I spotted while reading.

My rating for the book the post traumatic stress disorder fallacy is a full four out of four stars.I liked and enjoyed the book so much that under rating it will be unjustified . I recommend the book to all people undergoing the PTSD crisis. I also recommend it to public who can read because in as much as one may have not undergone this it may be on the way so the public needs to be ready.