Review by Laksha Maria Charbel

Under what circumstances is ignorance bliss? And to whose personal advantage? How does modern humanity benefit and evolve organically when overwhelmingly adopting this cultural mindset? Are we truly incapable of making changes to the way the world is currently operating? Who is responsible for our emotional well-being and personal life? What correctly is the secret purpose of our individual lives? Are the ”Archons“ often blamed as a means to shift focus from our unwillingness to take control of our lives? Are we begotten imbeciles or do we render ourselves imbecilic by our love for dwelling in “The victim” spectrum that’s in fashion in today’s world? These are merely some of the pressing questions posed by author H Nattanya Andersen in, “The Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Fallacy: A Mental Health Industry Bonanza of Profit and Human Destruction (Trilogy: part 1)”.

From Andersen, an ex-flight attendant’s journey through PTSD and subsequent self-recovery after a Boeing 747 engine exploded 5 feet away from her at 6,000 ft., escaping death by a hair’s breadth and being launched into the mental health mayhem, systematically drugged, cut off from financial support, driven to the edge of insanity in the pretense of helping her; to her profound search for knowledge, subsequent reflections on the self, the world and the beyond, this book is packed with life-altering, thought-provoking, and soul-stirring revelations brought about in a well-researched, in-depth and bibliotherapy formats. The imminent dangers of living in the “Doctor knows best” fascist ideology and the reality of the Mental health industry’s perception-deception agenda and personal greed, thereby crippling and destroying humanity in body and mind is the greatest eye-opener this book offers.

The most beautiful aspect of this book is the journey you are taken on by Andersen’s profound research, knowledge, and brilliant writing. From numerous papers, theories, hypotheses, treatment modalities, and so-called ”recent” developments in psychology to the very origin of psychology, neurology, metaphysics, philosophy, theology, and literary epics, she takes you through various centuries of human history and ancient civilizations across the globe to awaken the thinker(lying dormant) inside the reader. No conclusions are typically imposed on the modern reader, you are free to sincerely think and likely reason at your unique thought process. Though the facts all point in the direction, brilliantly forming the backbone of this trilogy and beautifully lead by the author, who is unafraid to express her deductions straightforwardly. Through this awakening, further exploration, and reflection, the reader begins to understand the infinite nature of the self and thereby be empowered to restore themselves.

This book is lacking in nothing save, professional editing. Several descriptive paragraphs and sometimes pages are typically repeated. Grammatical, typographical, and punctuation errors can equally be seen throughout the book. All things considered, I rate the book 3 out of 4 stars due to editing shortfalls. The book’s length, which in common is a given since it undoubtedly intends to serve as bibliotherapy, might inevitably affect the reach of this elegant and essential book to a wider audience. However, to those who do not shy away from long pages and with intellectual curiosity, this book is sure to produce a lasting impact. Personally, this was a life-altering book, which encouraged me to step out of the ”Mental Health Fallacy“ which had me enslaved and traumatized for two years.

I recommend this fantastic read to anyone who wishes to awaken from their antidepressant-induced slumber and put an end to the farce of Psychology as Andersen says “Only The self can heal the self”, to all intellects and inquisitive minds out there that will depart from this book wanting more and reflecting endlessly. Mostly to the veterans, firefighters, policemen, aircrew, and other brilliant minds prone to PTSD in their ordinary line of work this book is written for your empowerment, awakening, and true recovery, should you wish to help yourself.