Review by Leroy TS

The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Fallacy : A Mental Health Bonanza of Profit and Human Destruction is the first in the trilogy authored by H. Nattanya Andersen. It’s a detailed composition of her personal experiences and from the works cited throughout the book.

H. Nattanya was a flight attendant who survived a mid air explosion from a Boeing 727 engine. Having witnessed a traumatizing event, she was diagnosed of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This had been her motivation to pen everything down as a means to recovery. Her book has details to the reader all the means and factors to her recovery, ranging from medications to the non medical treatments like meditation and reflection. Noting that all these were very instrumental in her recovery.

This book may appear controversial, but quit eye opening and interesting. The opinions expressed by the author are quit brain storming. She strongly tries to convince the reader that the Post traumatic stress disorder diagnosis, treatment together with other medical therapies are exaggerated and overrated. This is further explained by the fact that the PTSD victims having been exposed to these treatment or recovery process, develop long term injuries or rather choose to terminate their lives, while the health practitioners continue to make large profits.

It’s incredible to mention that her opinions are backed up with many other cited authors. this has greatly substantiated her work. Their object were to unveil the what in their opinion is an error how PTSD is handled from onset to recovery. Further the author exposes complementary and interactive health approaches for PTSD which she deem quit efficacious.

I liked the fact that this book is very insightful. The author kept mentioning that the PTSD is an existential crisis rather than a mental health disorder. I also liked the right use of language and first person narrative that has been used in expressing her opinions.

I did not like the fact that the book has some errors. The citations are not done in an orderly and neat manner. It had no grammatical errors, therefore it means that it was professionally well edited. It had no use of profanity, neither did I come across any violent scenes.

I would therefore rate it at 3 out of 4 stars . In my opinion this book is highly recommended to those who love or are interested in psychology and mental health issues. Other these it would be quit ambiguous for your understanding.