Review by Niamh Bass

I really did enjoy this book I like how it challenges norms of what PTSD treatment is like. I am surprised this does not have more talk about it. I like how heavily researched this is also the thought behind it for someone who has a good understanding of what PTSD is like I would definitely recommend or for those who have even experienced themselves as it provides great insight. Equally for those interested in mental health and how it can be dealt with. I feel as though this subject is not discussed or spoken about enough and especially difficult to find any perception or an accurate perception in books. Mental health and this industry always undergo scrutiny and its refreshing to find something so raw and open. It reveals also many secrets and topics I did not know about which I found very interesting. It makes you question everything for days on end and creates great discussions. This changes perceptions and is guaranteed to make you think.

I made my close friend read this book and she had the same view too we had intellectual talks about this and created conversations I never thought I would have. I really appreciate how open the author writes and how powerful it can be. Some lines really spoke out to me, and I really felt her emotion when writing this. You can almost hear her speaking through the book like you are listening to an interview. She is careful when choosing words everything has meaning behind it in order to empower PTSD patients rather then to belittle or victimize them which I really like its not often you get this.

I like how thorough the book is it takes you through everything slow and steady which I like however if you are more interested in face pace this might not be the book for you. It is a long book hence the nice pace it travels but I do not mind that. It is something or others to think about though if they do not enjoy that kind of writing. It is only based on American professionals so is a very niche perspective I am not sure how adaptable to elsewhere. Despite this, it is interesting to know about all methods used some were very shocking indeed.

In terms of grammar there seems to be a mix of American and English spelling I suggest just reading round this. There does seem to be a few errors but does not disturb the reading too much I don’t think.

That being said, that would be my only critique of the book. However, this is a very good read and would most definitely recommend hence the 3 out of 4 rating.