Review by Prajakta Pathak

“Only The Self Can Heal The Self,” as stated in the 57th chapter of The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Fallacy by H. Nattanya Andersen. This book is a great book to use as a support while one is recovering from PTSD. The book shouldn’t be used as an actual guide, as stated by the author. This is her personal experience, which makes the work much more realistic. She has poured her heart out into this, and reading about her recovery could give many people hope. It can also help many who are too scared to talk about their struggles.

Anderson watched a Boeing 727 exploded five feet from her, midair and she was among the 150 survives on board. This left Anderson with trauma, trying to get through it in all the ways she could. She talks about all the symptoms and treatments of PTSD to help people. She also talks about how PTSD is portrayed by the media, and how wrong it is. The work has been researched thoroughly and gives an insight into PTSD and how important it is to understand it. She also wrote about how the mind is very powerful in healing itself.

The book is very well-written, and as I said, it has been thoroughly researched. What I really like about it is how the author states her opinion firmly. She has written about how some medical professionals hide information about PTSD and urges everyone to ask as everyone should be informed about what they will be going through. The process isn’t easy, and it isn’t fast. The recovery is long and has many things involved in it. I liked the amount of information given by her in this work.

There is nothing I dislike about The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Fallacy. The novel has no errors and serves as great support. The amount of information given really baffles me, and I’m glad to know much more about PTSD than I started with before reading the book. There are a few profane words here and there, and the trauma is too much for younger teens.

I would rate the work 4 out of 4 stars, as I mentioned above. There isn’t anything I found to take off a star. I would recommend this book for anyone suffering from this disorder as this might be a good help. Young adults and adults who want to know more about PTSD would also find this book a good read.