Review by Nomvuyo Dlamini

3/4 Stars

If we must die, if we build our own world, and if each of us is ultimately alone, then what meaning does life have? This is the heavy burden that the people afflicted with post-traumatic stress disorder must grapple with in order to live, in order to ascend from a lower level of egocentric human existence to a more altruistic way of living. I really appreciated the author’s candid and well-spoken argument in every chapter of this book.

Review by Oye Timothy

3/4 Stars

I […] appreciate the author’s effort in making me discover the loopholes in the mental health sector. How most of their diagnosis has been based on mere inferences. Though the author stated that the book is not to be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, I believe her theories could be a modern and effective method to deal with PTSD.

Review by Kaivalya

3/4 Stars

I was impressed with the amount of research the author has put into this book. I loved the spiritual healing process espoused by the author. To state that PTSD experience is indeed an opportunity of a lifetime was extremely bold on the author’s part. This positive reinforcement, an opportunity to investigate and forgive Self, will act as a great source of motivation for PTSD survivors. Through this book, the author has tried to share with her audience an opportunity to create a Self exactly to one’s own liking. This was the part I enjoyed most in the book. 

Review by Jasper Armstrong

Yet another book that proves that even the noblest of practices are driven not by the need to help others but the greed of gaining profit, it took me a while to digest the contents…

Review by Tiara Pacheco

I found this book to be informative with how survivors of a traumatic experience develop PTSD and how it affects every aspect of their lives, the book also showed me the medical fallacies of people…

Review by Giovani Ingram

Viewing the struggles of someone who underwent the grueling and painful experiences of PTSD and its road to recovery makes me question the decency of human understanding as I feel respect for the author, I…

Review by Damien Frye

I’m attending a group as part of my therapy for my PTSD and every member told me to give this book a read as it explains that PTSD isn’t just a mental disorder its an…

Review by Mauricio Rhodes

This book helped my brother recover from his trauma that was caused by a motorcycle collision when he was still very young, as we went through the pages he slowly begun to recover, while I…

Review by Jon Fleming

After an accident, I was shunned and left to be treated by “specialists,” with little to no progress in my recuperation. This book gave me great insight into how another survivor dealt with the difficulties…

Review by Kirsten M

4/4 Stars

However, the author’s analysis has overtaken every fallacy on mental illness based on the analysis of the research. This book also mention ways of coping from different diagnoses that will benefit those are prejudice on mental health as well as for those are suffering from it.