Review by Laksha Maria Charbel

3/4 Stars

The most beautiful aspect of this book is the journey you are taken on by Andersen’s profound research, knowledge, and brilliant writing. From numerous papers, theories, hypotheses, treatment modalities, and so-called ”recent” developments in psychology to the very origin of psychology, neurology, metaphysics, philosophy, theology, and literary epics, she takes you through various centuries of human history and ancient civilizations across the globe to awaken the thinker(lying dormant) inside the reader.

Review by pageturner19

4/4 Stars

The author has basically created a detailed map to guide the PTSD affected through the spider web created by mental health professionals, thereby helping themselves to heal safely. I was thrilled, however, to find out that this book is not only helpful to those experiencing PTSD. It is packed with useful information that anyone can use in their day to day lives.

Review by Aaryaa Sharma

3/4 Stars

The author, at the very start of the book, calls out the ineffective and redundant methods used by psychologists to treat PTSD. She brings focus to the unfair treatment that the affected are given by those people who are supposed to help them recover. The author describes what she thinks is the cause of PTSD, and what realisation finally gives the person the motivation to start their lives anew. This book provides the step by step method of laying the foundation of life again.

Review by Adrian Kinyanjui

4/4 Stars

Although I’m not a PTSD victim or have a loved one who suffers from it, the book was an eye-opener. I am glad that it helped prepare me in case of any traumatic experience. I loved how the author gives her insights and quotes the experts in her explanations which leaves the readers satisfied and adds credibility to her findings. I also admire how courageous and daring the author is to trend off the beaten path.

Review by Niamh Bass

3/4 Stars

Mental health and this industry always undergo scrutiny and its refreshing to find something so raw and open. It reveals also many secrets and topics I did not know about which I found very interesting. It makes you question everything for days on end and creates great discussions. This changes perceptions and is guaranteed to make you think.

Review by sssns

3/4 Stars

Behavioral diagnosis, electric shocks, hypnosis, lobotomy, and virtual reality are some of the examples mentioned in the book. It approaches the discussion by establishing the development of the treatments. It provides the background and contribution of the developer and the effectiveness of the therapies. Likewise, it examines the involvement and interventions of the healthcare industry, the employment sector, and pharmaceutical companies. The presentation gives an equally controversial and thought-provoking perspective.

Review by David Isaji

4/4 Stars

This book is an excellent tool, and it helps PTSD victims understand that they are the only ones majorly responsible for their healing. This is because no one, not even the very best experts, will understand what they are going through except themselves. The knowledge acquired from this read is exceptional.

Review by Bits of Inkling

3/4 Stars

What I like in this book is the sense of balance. This is not just about the issues and assumptions encircling PTSD treatment modalities. The author has included promising scientific studies and discoveries like Neurofeedback, brain imaging, and Atlas alignment. These topics are page-turners and have really caught my attention. The book is divided into 57 long chapters. Each chapter will indulge you with pieces of information you just heard for the first time. This is not a light read, but definitely helpful and educational. There’s nothing I dislike about it.

Review by Karina Holosko

2342 pages of impeccable research. If you are in the healing arts this is a must. A controversial premise.

Review by Online Book Club

I loved the simplicity of this book. There were no obscure medical terms. The author’s first-hand experience gives this book a touch of originality. I observed that the author’s favored modes of treatment might be…